Monday, June 25, 2012

Maiden Voyage

So I now write a christian blog. 


I'm a bit skeptical about starting this blog as I have a blog that's already barely making the numbers but I figured; eeeeehhhh, why not.

Now, CherryChatter still exists. I'm not replacing it with Naija Church Girl. Also, I don't have a split personality; a mean one that rolls her neck and talks about other people's relationships and a nice one  that puts her hands in prayer pose and talks church. Not at all. It is one personality producing the same mean blog under two different headings, written by the  same mean person. I kid, i kid.

What this is, is a blog that chronicles my journey and my observations as a christian, hawt young woman living in today's Nigeria. It is a no-holds-barred, honest  account of how I juxtapose my burgeoning faith with issues such as the attraction to the opposite sex, secular music, friends, just life in general. In short, how I have determined to live my life according to the dictates of my faith. I have a lot of struggles. There has been so many ups and downs and there's sure to be more topsyturvy movements in this journey but I am ready (or at least I think I am) I have a lot of questions and concerns on how to make this work and I hope to meet a lot of like minded people to thrash out some of my issues with.

But inspite of what is thrown my way, I promise to keep it real and keep it light. This is not amateur bible bashing hour. I don't know that much scripture anyway. I'm just a girl who loves Christ and wants to find her identity in Him. It won't be at all preachy and it is very non-denominational.

So welcome, to Naija Church Girl powered by CherryWine. Lol.


  1. Yay, i have been waiting for this sort of blog. I intended starting one too, but i never got around to starting it. Let's face it, we all struggle with different stuff especially finding our identities in Christ. i know i still Struggle sef so i guess i should look forward to some inspiring talk on some of the issues we struggle with.

    Congrats on this new blog and its official, u have found yourself a blog stalker.

  2. *grabs front row seat & pop corn*

    *screams* HoneyDame!!!

  3. Shoutout! Glad you are writing this, as an avid cherrychatter fan, i am sure i will have a lot to learn from this one too, all the best and i will follow as well. Good luck!

  4. I am so on board, being @ d time in my life where Christ takes centre stage, i am looking forward to your inspirations. God bless u as u take on this task.

  5. Thanks guys. I appreciate the support. I pray we all grow together in the love of Christ.